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I was setting up a date with this guy, and he told that he never hung out around Fairmount Park! Since I live in Fairmount Park, I felt that this was an outrage and decided that our date needs to be somewhere in Fairmount Park. What are some great date places in Fairmount Park? I would prefer to not take him to a restaurant because I wanna move around and do something fun.

do you have bikes? a great way to explore is to hop on a bike and ride around. There are some good bike lanes in that area too. Unfortunately, I do not go around fairmount park often. I do know that there are these drum circles that happen there often. All the hippies come out and it is great. If you are into music, that might be something fun to do!

One day, I was at a sleepover with my two friends Aria and Anna. It was at Aria's house, she lived on South Street. Her mom left to go to work, so we sneaked out of the house and went to South Street. It went into tons of clothing stores and tried on stuff and had a fashion show i the store! It was so fun! Then from there, we walked to Penn's Landing and took pictures by the ship and the shipyards and it was the best night ever!

every night in philly is the best night ever

nice blog! you live in philly?

yup. I am a temple student.

So I haven’t updated this blog in AWHILE but it is because I haven’t had time to go out and take pictures of things
But I am back(for now) to talk about PIZZA BRAIN
I went to the opening of Pizza Brain a few months ago and since then, they have been doing great. Pizza brain is a new pizza restaurant/museum (i know right?!) located in fishtown at 2313 Frankford. Their owners are pizza FANTASTIC..one of them even had a pizza tattoo. It is intense. But anyway their pizza is amazing folks. I highly suggest checking this place out for a good slice of za. 
You can find their website here.
El Vez

A product of Steven Starr

This weekend my sister took me to El Vez to buy me a margarita as a part of my birthday gift. It was a bit busy inside, so we went to the bar to have our drink. I got a pomagranite margarita and she got blood orange. They were both amazing. 

We also got their house guacamole. I have become a guac ADDICT lately and this was some pretty sweet guac. The dish came with home made tortilla chips and they were so d-lish.


My dish was amazing. I ordered chicken tacos and I want to eat them everyday. They were piled high with chicken, sour cream, lettuce, etc. YUM.

There are plenty of other tasty items on the menu which you can find here.

The restaurant is located on 13th and sansom.  

Food and Friends

FOOD AND FRIENDS-22nd and Spruce

This weekend I was hosting some wonderful people from London and as we were walking aimlessly around rittenhouse, we came across this little shop. We were just looking for the next place to sit in and drink water, but when we came in we were amazed. This whole wall of drinks includes beers/ciders/ales etc, from around the country and quite a few imports from other countries. It was not too pricey and the options seemed endless. It was so amazing that we went there twice in one day. I definitely recommend this place if you want to try something different and interesting!

(not my photograph)

The wrap shack is currently my favorite hangout spot. For some of my new awesome friends, this has been their spot for quite some time and they, being awesome people, totally let me in on this and made me (kinda) a part of their crew at the shack. To them, it is a really important place and it means a lot. They know the employees all by name, and all the employees are fantastic people. The bar is located at 18th/sansom. My favorite thing to get there is the fried oreos and the cheese fries with ranch and bacon bits aren’t too bad either (this is why I’m fat -__-) If you are looking for a low key place with great food and great people, this is the place.

Blackbird Pizzeria

So I have heard a lot about Blackbird pizza and I was in the area, so I figured I would stop by for a quite bite. I didn’t get to really sit and eat, but I did get a feel for what kind of food they have. Blackbird is a completely Vegan pizzeria located on south 6th street. I had to take a picture of this grilled veggie wrap because it was SO good. I am not sure what was in there but there as far as all the veggies, but there was this sauce and it was AWESOME. They have vegan treats also, and they seemed to be pretty eco friendly. Check out their menu here!

This is the Prohibition Taproom. I have yet to go inside( probably because I haven’t even been 21 for a week yet), but I want to go in. The only thing that attracted me was this sign that just simply says “bar” and a little further down the road is a cafe and they have a similar sign that just says “cafe”. If anyone has been here, let me know if it is worth going to!